Monday, October 02, 2006

I almost opened a Wordpress in this long period without putting a single line in this vehemency to the privacy exposed to an outter world. I also did lots of things,but, regardless of its importance, i consider i'm out of the time to catch up with these things, so i just arranged to bring them on occasionally whenever i feel, in this comming closer future. I hope.

During short periods of doing nothing, other than dealing with Excel calculation sheets, sneaking upon the internets was a short breath out of the consuming flame that work sometimes becomes to. And that lead me to the discovering of Wordpress,(nowadays it's pretty much like discovering Hanburger Helper in a Market aisle) previously mentioned by a friend, actually some random woman i met in a HHRR dept. in some random Engineering company,and after read an article during blogging day saying how people'd vaulted under typing stuff in the web and not visiting the over the neighbour and confesing the diatribes of life like in the good ol' times.
Read the features and almost convinced me to get one and install it, but never beat the fact that this is too much enough for me and this blog was good enough. As it's not all i post things in a estimated conservative frequency of almost never. Never is not just exagerating, never compared to a decent amount of post to build a blog and then be part of a Blogsphere. As the resolution the disgraced make every first day of every year, i'm making this one beginning October and goes something like: I'm convinced that i need to update this thing more often, no matter how busy and twisted existance have i become, period. Some people, the few still, who read this will be grateful and either horrorised but over that, i'm gonna be accomplished at least on something these days.
Pathetic as the last lines of this random post, i'm closing this to a top giving thanks to those that still care about this small matrix of sequences and programming data, thanks a lot.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Priorities! are sometimes played as restrictions. Certainly some things have to be pulled out in order to achieve priorities, as in example, las semester i had to pay tuitions and random stuff [and by random, i mean those unlimited daily shitty but necessary expenses] thus, i had to restrain myself from going to Moby on Sept.,and.. The POPfest [I'm glad i didn't go since i don't like BEP, nor the rest of the other bands], but indeed was something i had on agenda and INDEED at the end had to call it off.

1996 was running,and i remember when i was in 6th grade and all the kids were so about seeing Power Rangers, and the Baseball games whenever the season was open. I, instead, was amazed by 'Space Cowboy' a video in maybe any top ten on MTV. I had my CDplayer filled with songs of that time, and of course Jamiroquai was on one of those first 'burnt' cds i had. I'm sure that most of you may have listened at least once on your time, 'Virtual Insanity' or, 'Canned Heat'...or 'Deeper Underground'. If you have, which is sure, and if you haven't had the news, [well probably you may have already], Jay Kay and the rest of the Jamiroquai crew will be performing this upcoming March the 28th in Poliedro de Caracas. Finally this is the opportunity to see it live, i've heard people say it's a great band in concerts.

I got the money to get the tickets, but, i still do want to save for this:

This super cool Canoe i've wanted for a while, and me and my sister are expecting to own. It's on sale in a rebate site on the internet

I like Jamiroquai, but, from a time up to now i'm more of the sort of stuff you could do outdoors, i really do enjoy it. So beloved internets, please advise:

a- Go to Jamiroquai

b- Screw the lil' man on a hat, go for your savings on the canoe.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Perfection, every mathematic and physical part interacting in pure mechanics, i wish you could see this as a civil engineer. For the rest is just a bridge access, for us a living thing.
Things like this make me realize where am i heading to. Mostly in moments when i feel like there nothing's worthy for me in spite of my aknowledge they exist, we all know what i am referring to. But contemplate this, a facility made for the access to an airport terminal that had no capabilities on being built but as a solution Civil Engineering came up with.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today at 11:00 am after dealing with lots of Fundamentals of Construction II, i went to where my car was parked, and found this...

I didn't get mad at all since i found that this guy had mental problems. Apparently ( as been told by the woman who works in a copy center nearby )he does the same, always!.

I got an hour or so to set a bit before i got to the car wash, and head to college again.8

Thursday, August 25, 2005

10:19pm. I just got home from classes. I felt like typing some stuff, on the way home i was trying to organize it and was merely sure of what to write. Now i have my monitor on in front of me and lackness of my mind is impressive.

My weeks are now going to be longer, since today i was adviced that we're going to have class on saturday mornings. Even though the rush of the come and go, the up and down, the faces you talk to and the voices you hear, it unaguiable the fact that i'm alone. Indeed we're all alone, we sometimes think that we deal with lots of people or in a more optimistic way, there are lost of them sharing moments with us all the time, LOTS OF THEM. But if you observe deeply there is not such amount of people WITH YOU, just around you.

Simply inner thought.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

So i invited my good friend Vanessa, to watch that movie she had been commenting me about ever since the last three phon calls we had. I told her since the beggining that movie seemed to be one of those emo stories in which love and cheating are served on the same table. She laughed. She said i was too bitter, many people had recommended that movie and even it had been the matter of a discussion in a forum in her last days as a psichology student. That's why i said 'ok lets go', plus we had quite a time not seen each other. Here we go...

Centro Cultural Trasnocho

A complex devoted to those with a different taste of life, i mean culturally, in this town. A Theater, a lounge and a couple of those cafe concerts, where jazz and sometimes electronic tendences can be seen on life performance,a modern art gallery, pretty cool place actually. And most important a Cinema with two ( i guess it's three ) two rooms where generally foreign independient and freelance movies is what there is.
I'd been there for like 2 times, now three with this, and i'm considering on going more frequently. Although the trendy and really poshy decor, the location isn't really attractive, in fact, it's within one of the oldest shopping complexes in Caracas. So if ever there, don't be odd about the airpot looking there the first two upper levels because in the lower you'll find Trasnocho Cultural.
...Ok back to where we were before. Melinda & Melinda is what we went to see. It's part of the chart of the Independient Film Festival of the USA. And yes as i mentioned above, was those kind of movies which women or psychoes enjoy the most. I'ts not that i'm not open to different options, but man, i can't handle see drama queens and love and hearts broken since i'm sorting out my scape from a situation like that, never mind folks.
So Melinda & Melinda is based mostly in the fragillity of love and the easy of infidelity. The life can be a drama or a comedy, all depends of the beholder sight,..ha!! very fitting in these shitty days i've just had.
I actually had kind of a laughter with that, it's fresh and perhaps i am too dork. If get the chance to see this go, it's really worthy, even you badass guy, yesss you!!... could watch that, as i said no, at first moment to it but i liked it though.
Alright, i just wanted to end this with this cool song been tripping this whole day, oh fuck i'm so literal typer, and on the radio. It's called jerk it out and is from a one of those new cool bands, called Caesars.8